About Input/Output

Established in 2009, Input/Output (I/O) has brought forth cutting edge technology to Hong Kong in the form of media arts. I/O is a media art consultancy, which provides project management services including curation, artist management, production and exhibitions & performance mangagement. Through working with collaborators, I/O produces pop up exhibitions and events in public spaces to introduce the community to new media art. I/O also works with local universities and institutions to provide workshops, seminars and conferences to expose the younger generation to the latest developments in the media art scene.



自2009年成立以來,Input/Output (I/O) 為香港帶來多元的糅合創意與科技的媒體藝術項目。I/O是一間媒體藝術顧問公司,提供全面的媒體藝術策展服務,包括主題策劃、籌算及製作藝術展覽及表演等項目。通過與不同單位合作,I/O致力於公共空間舉辦展覽及活動,將媒體藝術全方位推廣及眾。I/O亦同時與多間大學及不同的學術單位合辦工作坊,講座及研討會,向年輕人介紹當代藝術的最新動向。