Born in 1976, Desmond Leung is an artist who interested in fine art and new media, devoted to push the boundary of contemporary aesthetic by merging the medium of painting, ink art, moving image and new media into a time based art form.

Desmond's artworks are selected and exhibited in various international art exhibitions and film festivals, including CHANEL Digital Art Program 2012, The Hong Kong International Art Fair, Asian Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair, Eastpak Artist Studio Exhibition, October Contemporary (Hong Kong), Resfest (Australian for the Moving Image, Melbourne, Australia), Get It Louder (China) and more. He is also commissioned by Korean Gallery LVS to create video artwork for Media Pole Exhibition in Seoul, Korea. Exhibition are being held between 1st May to 31st July 2012.

Desmond's new research are inspired and surrounded by the collective ideas of metaphysics, nature, universe, microcosmos, human body, spirituality and oriental philosophy, manifesting the universal view and value through art is his life work. His style could be linked with landscape painting, shan shui, lyrical abstraction with a new media approach. Desmond's art manifesto is also inspired by the works of the contemporary Chinese painter Wu GuanZhong, Zao Wou Ki, British Romantic landscape painter J. M. W. Turner and Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky.


2013, The Space, Sheung Wan, Curated by Mandy d’Abo, Hong Kong

Media Pole Exhibition
2012, Gangnam, Curated by LVS Gallery, Seoul, Korea

CHANEL Digital Art Program
2012, exhibit worldwide in CHANEL boutique and facade

ART HK 11 – Hong Kong International Art Fair 2011
2011, HKCEC, Hong Kong

Asian Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair 2011
2011, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hong Kong

Artist Studio & EASTPAK
2011, Harbour City, Hong Kong

ART HK 10 – Hong Kong International Art Fair 2010
2010 HKCEC, Hong Kong

Visual Music Hong Kong 2009
2009, KITEC, Hong Kong

New Media, New Thinking
2009, October Contemporary, I/O, Hong Kong

Project Canvas
2007, Common Space, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

2006, OCT Art & Design Gallery Shenzhen, China

Pixel Toy Science Of Live
2005, agnès b. CINEMA, Hong Kong

2005, ACMI, Australian Center for the Moving Image, Australia