Keith Lam, New Media Arts Artist, Co-founder and Artistic Director of Dimension+. Awardee of Honorary Mention at Oscar of New Media Art-PRIX Ars Electronica 2008, Young Artist Award of Hong Kong Art Development Award 2008 and 40under40 global creative talent by Perspective Magazine. His works has been invited to many famous art festival including Ars Electronica Festival, FILE, 404 Festival, ISEA, etc around the world including Austria, UK, The Netherlands, Brazil, Taiwan, Argentina etc.

He is also Visiting Lecture of School of Design of Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Hong Kong Arts School. He taught at School of Creative Media of City University of Hong Kong, Technical Director and consultant of Microwave International New Media Arts Festival.

"Digital-Physical" would describe the style of his work. Concerning the environment, and rethink about the existing familiar media, his work embedded into the space we are living it, and let the space speak and tell the story of herself to the audience. Unlike "invisible" interaction and form of interface, Keith's work is always tangible and physical, linking up the virtual world with physical texture, bring the audience back to the analog world - while we are living and trapping in the digital world.


2013, Videotage Unlimited, Hong Kong 

Wikitopia Data Gaga
2012, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Hong Kong

Invention and Intervention
2011 Festival Walk, Hong Kong

Mario Viva
2010, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Culture Hong Kong Creatives
2010, Hong Kong 

Dorkbot LIVE!
2009, Hong Kong 

2009, Sau Paulo, Brazil

404 Festival
2009, Argentina

ISEA 2009
2009, Ireland

Hong Kong Station
2009, ParaSite

2008, Netherlands

Split Film Festival 2008
2008, Croatia

Ars Electronica Festival
2008, Linz, Austria

Taiwan Culture and Technology Expo
2008, Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan Digital Arts Archive
2008, Taipei, Taiwan

New Vision Festival 2008
2008, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Arts Museum

Microwave Interactional New Media Festival 2007
2007, Hong Kong

Digital Calligraphy Arts Exhibition
2007, Eslite Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan

Wikimania 2007, Open Space
2007, Taipei, Taiwan

French May 06:When French Electro meets Hong Kong
2006, Hong Kong 

Dusty City (Music Comilation)

Writing Machine Collective 2
2005, 1a Space, Hong Kong

Right Click
2005, Hong Kong

Xiang Gang Electrics (Music Compilation)

Writing Machine Collective
2004, 1a Space, Hong Kong

Microwave Interactional New Media Festival 2003
2003, Hong Kong

New Media Arts Master Show
Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong, 2003