July 7th, 2014 to July 7th, 2014




Since 2009 until now, This Happened HK has been organized for 3 times and provided a platform to promote interaction design. To the forth times, Input/Output  (I/O) in collaborates with K11 again to present This Happened HK.  3 talented artist and interactive designers from Hong Kong and Japan are invited as guest speakers to share their creative ideas and working progress to the public in order to bring incredible insights to the public through their spectacular presentations.

Alan Kwan, Hong Kong new media artist, who works at the intersection of cinema and new media. His works blend film, video game and emerging technologies such as life-logging devices and brainwave sensors. Visionaries 777 Ltd. is a multidisciplinary studio co-founded by Frantz Lasorne and Nicolas Guyon. They consistently created and designed pioneering interactive experiences using Augmented Reality, Mobiles Applications, Interactive Installations, Interactive Lighting and Audio Reactive Visuals. Yuki Tazaki, creative director of WOW inc., he and his creative team operate across boundaries between the latest media technologies and design.

The fourth This Happened HK drives the force from creative talents, and for sure will bring incredible insights to the public through these spectacular presentations. It is open to public and free entrance.


About This Happened HK

This Happenedwas founded in 2007 by Chris O'Shea, Joel Gethin Lewis and Andreas Müller aiming to bring insight to audience for better innovative work in the future. And in 2009 LED artist Teddy Lo, founder of LENOVATION Andrew Pang, multi-discipline media artist and co-founder of Videotage Ellen Pau and new media artist/interactive web designer and director of pill & pillow Henry Chu brought This Happened to HK.

This Happened is a multi-functional event: it is educational as it raised public concern to interactive design and the creator’s effort is acknowledged; it is informational when students interested in pursuing this career will know all the inside stories of the industry; it is also communicational, as artists and designers are able to develop connections with audience and other professionals through This happened.