Scottie Huang is an artist, designer, and Assistant Professor at the Department of Industrial Design in College of Architecture & Design at Chung Hua University, where he directs the Biologically Inspired Objects (BIO) Laboratory and the SDAID (Studio of Digital Art and Innovative Design). His researches have been featured in ACM, IEEE, IGI Global, MIT Press, and Springer. His art/design works were selected in SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 art gallery, SIGGRAPH DAC 2011 online exhibition, and LEONARDO/SIGGRAPH 2009 art gallery, Digital Art Festival Taipei 2008/a Grand Prize in the K. T. Creativity Award, and 2003 Prague Quadrennial of performance design and space.

Scottie holds a Ph.D. in architecture from National Taiwan University of Science & Technology, where he utilized computational design and robotic technologies to explore kinetic structures and interactive art. Scottie is committed to expanding the field of new media art and creating novel innovations in design. He aims to incorporate the creative elements of digital art into designs for daily life, designing home furnishings that interact with people in an intelligent and soothing way.


Holland Animation Film Festival (HAFF)
2013, The Netherlands

Made in Taiwan – Young Artist Discovery
2012, Taipei, Taiwan

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMFA)
2012, Taichung, Taiwan

National Science Council (NSC)
2012, Taipei, Taiwan

Art Gallery – ACM SIGGRAPH Asia
2012, Singapore

Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government
2010-2012, Taiwan

ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community (DAC)
2011, USA

2009, New Orleans, USA

Taipei Digital Art Awards
2008, Taiwan

K.T. Creativity Award
2008, Taiwan

Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space
2003, Prague, Czech Republic


2013, k11 Art Space, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Echo – SIGGRAPH Asia Art Gallery
2012, Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre, Singapore

AI Plus 
2012, Digital Arts Creativity and Resource Center, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taizhong, Taiwan

Mobile Forest
2012, Digital Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

Find Green Light – New Media Art in Park Lane
2012, Park Lane by Splendor, Taichung, Taiwan

A Natural History of Digital Life – LEONARDO / SIGGRAPH Art Gallery
2009, Ernest N. Moral Convention Center, New Orleans, USA

OISTAT SCENOFEST – Prague Quadrennial
2003, Industry Palace, Prague, Czech Republic