March 21st, 2013 to May 11th, 2013




Input/Output has actively showcased new media artworks. Input/Output and Langham Place Hotel
Hong Kong collaborates again and will be presenting “Simple Happiness” at the hotel featuring animations directed by local directors. Starting from March 21st to May 11th 2013, welcome to come
to enjoy “Simple Happiness.”

“Simple Happiness” will be displaying short animation films from three Hong Kong animation artists, Leung Gong Tsyn Thomas, Choi Lai Wan Winnie, and Chau Pak-ho Noel. Each of the animations evolves around the artist’s own memories and their own interpretation of simple happiness. The animation films will bring visitors on an emotional visual journey. We would like people to notice what they are overlooking in their pressuring busy lifestyle, and how simple happiness can be.

Leung Gong Tsyn Thomas shared two animation films, “Sukki’s Story” and “Living in the Dark,” which are both the artist’s personal stories. “Sukki’s Story” captures the changing relationship between the
artist and his mother when he left Hong Kong to start his new life. “Living in the Dark” reveal Leung Gong Tsyn Thomas’s childhood when he experienced an eye injury and his blind father’s interpretation
of the world. The artist wants people to realize what a blessing it is to be able to see; moreover, to cherish what you have.

Choi Lai Wan Winnie expressed that people today relate happiness to wealth, and they forget that it does not take much to be happy. In her animation “Mind Blossom,” she conveyed “happiness can be simple”
in a humorous depicting of this social phenomenon. In Chau Park-ho Noel’s animation film “Well in 80s’,” the artist want people to notice the happiness around them. When we were young, happiness was within reach. However, as we’ve grown up, happiness becomes elusive. As people get older, we fail to sense the happiness by our side.

These three animation artist utilize their creativity to bring changes in the way people view
happiness. “Simple Happiness” invites the public to participate in this unique experience, and enjoy an emotional visual journey.

The exhibition starts on March 21st to May 11th at Langham Place Hotel Hong Kong.
The exhibition is free to public.

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