May 22nd, 2013 to July 2nd, 2013




Input/Output has actively showcased new media artworks from international artists since our establishment. This time, we are bringing “THE INNOVATIONISTS– Exploring the Realms of New Media Arts” into Hong Kong. “THE INNOVATIONISTS” , curated by I/O curator Joel Kwong was first exhibited for Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Taiwan, we will be bringing forth the second edition of it to Hong Kong K11 Art Mall starting May 22nd to July 2nd, 2013. This exhibition opens up a multi-angle discussion towards our daily lives, creating dialogue and interaction between space, the artist, the audience and the media.

We have gathered artworks from numerous artists including Scott Hessel’s Sustainable Cinema (US/HK), Chris Honhim Cheung and XEX GRP’s Anadelta (HKG), Samson Young’s Machines for Making Nothing (HKG), Eric Siu’s Touchy (JPN/HKG), COGOO x SEMITRANSPARENT DESGIN x TBWA/HAKUHODO’s Turntable Rider (JPN), Akibo’s DaDi, BeBe.5, and LuLubo Robots (TPE), and Dimension+”s Adolescence, Metamorphosis, and Biomechanics (TPE/HKG). Moreover, THE INNOVATIONISTS also prepared various art programs for visitors, which includes performance and workshop by Eric Siu on May 25th, workshop by Dimension+ on June 8th and Artist Sharing by Scott Hessel, Samson Young, and Keith Lam (Dimension+).

The Innovationists is a revolution to challenge the conventional way of looking at artworks, the unity of artworks and the surrounding space, self revelation of the artworks as well as the possibility of media intervention. The exhibition, as a group, opens up a window for contemplation and debate. Its content is diverse and multi-faceted in points of discussion, which are all important and interwoven in terms of the subject matter, the form of demonstration, the relationship between the artworks and their records, and the roles that viewers and artists play. Once this Pandora’s box is opened, all the wonders and magic are revealed. Technology and media have never kept its distance, and frankly, we all live in them. As long as people are being involved in media, art and technology, think outside of the walls of museums and all the wonders will not remain far away.

The exhibition starts on May 22nd, 2013 to May 2nd, 2013 at K11 Art Mall. All works will be displayed at 107 Artspace and Atrium of K11 Art Mall. The exhibition is free to public.