Thi Nguyen is an artist based in Sydney with an interest in sculpture and new media art. After completing a BA of Design (Visual Communication) (Honours) at the University of Western Sydney, she has created acclaimed work for a diverse range of clients and have been recognised both locally and internationally including Australia, USA, Hong Kong and Japan.

Thi believes that the cultural significance of technology is its power to create new forms of embodied and embedded interaction with the world and each other. In doing so it brings into existence new ways of doing, thinking and being.

She aims to create dialogue with users based on either satisfying an interpretation of goal states or creating new emergent states based on ambiguous assumptions of desires. Thi use art interventions as a research tool to embed technology into complex social contexts and thus reveal something about those contexts and developments of new media art and their use unfold together. Her work illustrates how play and interactive art responds to human stimuli in order to change the way we reconfigure ourselves by addressing our individual, social and environmental needs.


Selected exhibitions:

Vivid Light 2014
Sydney Opera House Promenade

Tokyo TDC Exhibition 2014
Ginza Graphic Gallery (ggg)

Pubic Art 2014
He Made She Made Gallery

This Is Not Art 2013

On The Cusp 2013
Bangarra Dance Theatre

Digital Downtime 2013
He Made She Made Gallery

Masked Intentions 2013
He Made She Made Gallery

Vivid Light 2013
Sydney Opera House Promenade

Threesome 2013
The Design Kids

Who Shot the Serif 2012

He Made She Made Gallery

Radical Materiality 2012
Particle Space

The Second Coming 2012
He Made She Made Gallery

Sequences 2011
Particle Space

Altered Perceptions 2011
Daily Projects

Shiny Noise, Loud Lights 2010
Casula Powerhouse

Selected Awards:
Tokyo Type Directors Club Annual Awards 2014
Excellent Work

HKDA Global Design Awards 2013
Beyond the Boundary (Shortlist)

Sydney Design Awards 2013
Event Experience

AGDA Australian Design Biennale 2012
Brand Experience