Tomoko is a multidisciplinary artist trained in traditional Japanese fabric dyeing and fibre art in Kyoto, the centre of beauty, culture and tradition in Japan. This background brings a strong sense of Kyoto's aesthetic and philosophical values to her creative work, which explores the use of five senses and digital media to enhance the intimacy and human connection. Her collaborative projects have been exhibited in museums and galleries world-wide including V&A, London, National Museum of Art, Osaka and Center of Contemporary Art Torun, Poland.

Her work also reflects her nomadic nature, having lived and worked in five different countries, places where she has been exposed to various cultures that together fuel the unique essence of her work. She received MA from Central Saint Martins College of Art in London and BA from Kyoto Seika University. She has collaborated with various specialists and has accomplished collaborative projects at University of Tokyo, Distance Lab in Inverness Scotland and MIT Media Lab Europe in Dublin.


Residency Program 
2014, Santa Fe Art Institute, New Mexico, USA

Research Residency Program 
2012, Tokyo Wonder Site, Japan with Susanna Hertrich

Alt-w Award
2009, New Media Scotland, UK

Residency Program 
2005, Banff New Media Institute


Dialogue of Garden 
2013, Borderless Art Museum NO-MA, Shiga, Japan

2013, Center of Contemporary Art, Torun, Poland

Alchemy - Labs as Creative Generator
2011, Microwave New Media Arts Festival, Hong Kong

Sweet memory - even for fairy tale prince
2011, Kyoto Art Center, Japan

Love Lab 
2010, Science Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

2009, Inspace, Edinburgh, UK

M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 
2009, Arts House Foyer, Singapore

Skin of/in Contemporary Art 
2007, National Museum of Art, Osaka, Japan

Touch Me 
2005, Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK